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Wedding Events

Will The Video Be Just The Ceremony And The Reception?

You define exactly what will be included from your event.  You do that by specifying when you want the videographer to be there and how many hours they will be there for.  During the event, you will be able to ask the videographer to stay longer or leave earlier. During that time, the videographer will shoot as little or as much video as you ask them to.  Additionally, you can tell them where to shoot the video and what and who to video.

The Video Clips Look Pretty Well Lit, Can I Expect Mine To Look The Same?

The lighting of the scenes will be dependent on venue lighting and the videographer’s mobile lights.  The video before the ceremony is often shot either outdoors or in well lit rooms so the mobile lighting does not have to be very bright.  Most wedding ceremonies are shot without video lights and so the scene’s lighting will be dependent on the venue’s lighting (how bright and where the lights are placed).  If the venue uses spotlights to light up the ceremony participants, the could be shining at the front cameras which will cause those video feeds to be darker.  After the ceremony, the videographer will use very bright mobile lights as necessary (and in a way that does not compromise the photographer’s pictures).  The video will be appropriately lit during the reception even if the venue lights are low or off.  Subjects within about 30 to 35 feet will be well lit.  Further out, the brightness will be dependent on the intensity of the venue lights.

Will You Interview People Or Do Table Shots Of The Guests?

You can specify exactly what the videographer should be shooting during your event.  For example, you can supply the videographer with questions to ask certain guests or they can be asked to provide spontaneous remarks.  Be aware, though that unlike more expensive videographers, the people will not be holding wireless microphones to respond.  However, the quality of the on camera microphones, especially for high definition cameras, has improved significantly in recent years both in sensitivity and sound quality.  All wedding will have table shots that the videographer will do during the meal.  The shots will not be posed, instead they will be of the guests eating at the tables.

The Deliverables

Can I Decide What Exactly Shows Up On My Deliverables?

We will normally deliver the video files, discs and video clip completed.  You can then ask for a ‘rework’ and specify things that you want removed (normally all the video shot is included and edited).  You have up to 30 days to work with the videographer on ‘reworks’. You may also help design the menus for your DVDs and Blue-Ray discs.  There is no extra charge for your involvement or our extra time.

I Don’t Know Anything About Video – What Should I Ask For / Get?

We shoot your event in high definition (4K).  To watch it in 4K, copy the main (largest) file to a flash drive and insert it into your TV  To watch in HD, you will need a blu-ray drive to play the blu-rays we give you on your TV or computer.  Alternatively, you can put the videos you get on your external hard disk on a flash drive or use the hard disk directly connected to your TV or computer.  You will also get lower quality DVDs which you can also play using DVD players connected to your TV or on your computer.

All your video deliverables will also be MP4 files.  Your full wedding video will come in 4 files one each for the pre-ceremony, ceremony, pictures session, and reception. These files can be played/shown on most TVs, computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Pricing & Delivery

How Can You Keep The Price So Low - Is There A Catch?

The most expensive part of a video project is the human / labor element.  The more people used and the more time spent, the more expensive the project.  During filming we keep the costs down by: (1) using one videographer and (2) using only the equipment necessary to provide you with a high quality deliverable.  After filming we keep down the cost by minimizing the time after event also known as “post production” work. Your cost is lower since we are not spending the time doing complex editing, making the video look ‘cinematic’, adding special effects and music, etc.  We will occasionally need to ‘color correct’ a whole scene, but we do not spend the time color correcting a ‘frame’ at a time except for the ceremony. We are also less expensive since we don’t have to pay for office space, we don’t purchase equipment that you don’t really need us to use during your event, and we minimize our advertising and marketing costs by not attending shows.

How Can You Deliver So Quickly When Most Videographers Take Weeks Or Months?

We often start working on your video as soon as we get back and the next day. We don’t spend a lot of time on ‘post-production’.  Though we review every frame of the video typically three times (for the video & clip).  Editing is often completed in 5 to 10 hours within 2 days of the wedding.  Almost all our weddings are totally finished before you return from your honeymoon (or by the 8th day)

Why Do You Require An Initial Retainer Fee

The retainer fee is a small commitment by you to reserve the date.  In this way we can be fair to everyone.  Without a retainer fee, customers will be reserving dates without risk and this could prevent you from reserving your date which may later be made available.  We actually only require a total of about 1/3 of the cost before the event and do not require any further payment until your video is delivered.  Additionally, if your retainer fee is a check, it will not be processed until after you get your discs.  We DO NOT want payment at the wedding.


I Don’t See You Listed In The Better Business Bureau Of Houston.  Is There A Problem?

We are a small company and are currently trying to minimize our operating costs and in turn the costs to you.  To be a member of the Better Business Bureau Of Houston you must pay a recurring annual fee.  So for the time being we have chosen not to join.  We have been in business commercially since 2008 and have never had any problems or complaints brought to our attention by our customers.  You are welcome to ask us for references to check us out.

How Much Video Will Be Shot / Will I Get

The amount of video shot will be totally dependent on your event .  Video is about depicting action that is meaningful to the customer.  So for example, video will be taken before your ceremony, typically the whole ceremony, the wedding pictures session, and the reception.  The reception video, will typically include table shots of all the guests and whenever there is other action occurring such as dancing, toasts, contests, cake cutting, etc. For a 5 to 6 hour wedding, expect about 1 ½  to 2 ½ hours of video.

Is The Audio Quality Suitable For Use On A Commercial CD?

Audio recorded on today’s video cameras are high quality and are suitable for viewing on a TV or home theatre systems.  If a ‘sound check’ is performed before a concert, the audio levels can be adjusted to reduce / minimize ‘hot’ signals / ‘clipping’.  Nonetheless, the degree of stereo separation is minimal and it would not be considered an ‘audio engineered’ track suitable for use on a commercial CD.  Concerts that are audio engineered require on stage microphones and soundboards / mixers and the costs would be significantly higher .